P2P lending companies by loan volume

P2P lending is spreading internationally. While the biggest loan volumes are generated in the US market, many p2p lending websites have been established in other international markets.

The services can be divided in three categories:

  1. p2p lending marketplaces (e.g. Prosper, Zopa, Lending Club, Smava) – participants driven mainly by economic motives
  2. social lending services enabling micro financing (e.g. Kiva, MyC4) – participants driven mainly by social motives
  3. other concepts (e.g. Virginmoney which is special in the way that it does not do the matchmaking between borrowers and lenders, but supports the process between persons that already had offline relations- slogan “We manage loans between family and friends“)

Sites funding student loans can fall into any of these three categories or combine motivations.

P2P-Banking.com has created the following overview table listing services that are in operation and ranked them by loan volume. The loan volumes are not directly comparable for they are cumulative since launch of each service and represent different time spans.

Asked for a figure, a Microplace spokesman pointed out “…it is important to note that MicroPlace is not a P2P site.  We are a platform that offers investments to the retail public.“. No loan volume was quoted, but he stated “investments purchased on our site have enabled over 26,000 microfinance loans.

In total approx. 685 million US$ have been funded through peer to peer lending/social lending services so far worldwide.

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Source: P2P-banking.com

If you are a representative of a p2p lending service and want your service to be included in the next update of this table, please send me an email with information about your company.

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12 thoughts on “P2P lending companies by loan volume

  1. The figure $685 million is a drop in the bucket of total consumer loans in the entire global economy. But WOW, I can’t believe how peer-to-peer lending has taken off overall. I am impressed and I think that it will continue to thrive in the years to come.

  2. Thanks for pulling this together.

    Perhaps a small point, but the term “social lending” (from a research report on Zopa) rather than “P2P” covers all the models, as not all are purely P2P for regulatory reasons e.g. Prosper, Lending Club and Kiva/MyC4 rely on intermediaries on the borrower side. The social imperative is also there in all instances as well as the economic one. Kiva is still very much about economics ie encouraging economic development and independence, vs just giving handouts.

  3. Simon,

    I know that the use of the term ‘social lending’ varies widely. I prefer to use it for the microfinance models to differentiate those from p2p lending marketplaces. But this only how I use these terms; on other sources other definitions are used.

  4. Hi
    very interesting, if is possible we would like to have prestiamoci.it added. We are an italian start up and we ‘ll offer p2p loans – expecially for internet mini-preneurs – probably in the first quarter of 2009 after the autorization of bank of Italy.

    Co-founder of prestiamoci – Mariano Carozzi

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    need euro 90.000.00 2e tranch after 7 months

    invesment euro 130.000.00 (Casco)

    businessplan submit succesful to the Rabobank for approval.
    still need cash downpayment to start great business in several parts off amsterdam and noord-Holland.

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