Meet + Events

I will attend (have attended) the following p2p lending events & more general fintech conferences. A great occassion to have a chat!

  • LendIt, London, 26./27.09.2019 (use discount code P2PB15% for 15% off)
  • P2P Conference, Riga, 07./08.06.2019 (enter promotional code P2PEARLYBIRD40 for 40% rebate – promotional code might expire anytime)
  • Between the Towers, Frankfurt, this is a monthly event and I am occasionally there
  • LendIt, London, 19./20.11.2018
  • Finance blogger meetup, Kassel, June 2018
  • LendIt, London, 09./10.10.2017
  • Altfi Europe Summit, London, 30.03.2017
  • Euro Finance Tech III, Frankfurt, 17.11.2016
  • Düsseldorf Fintech Meetup, Düsseldorf, 20.10.2016
  • LendIt, London, 10./11.10.2016
  • Frankfurt Alternative Lending Meetup, Frankfurt, 28.06.2016
  • Fintech FFM meets Fintech Group, Frankfurt, 21.06.2016
  • Fintech North, Leeds, 27.04.2016
  • What the Fintech #3, Cologne, 14.04.2016
  • Symvest 2016, Prague, 09./10.03.2016
  • LendIt, London, Oct. 2015
  • LendIt, London, Nov. 2014

Need expertise?

Are you a startup, fund, VC or bank and want my expertise? Be it an overview of the industry or tackling a specific problem or just my opinion? Please contact me and we’ll chat about your requirements and I’ll send you an offer (e.g. for a full day workshop at your company).