P2P Lending Services Open to International, Non-Resident Investors

If you are living in the UK then there is an abundance of available p2p lending services available for you to invest into. However for most other countries, even developed European markets, there are few or even none p2p lending services operating in. Quite often I receive emails from readers that ask which platforms are open for international investors, so I decided to create this information page.

Why invest in p2p lending abroad?

Aside form the obvious reason (being, that there is no p2p lending market in the country the investor resides in), there are several other reasons even if there is a local service:

  • Diversification
  • More features (e.g. a secondary market or secured loans or more better data)
  • (Perceived) better risk-reward ratio

What is meant by ‘open to international, non-resident investors’

Some platforms say, yes we are open to international investors, but they really mean only large institutional investors. Or they mean expats, because they require a local bank account and a local passport. On this page ‘open’ means the platform is allowing foreign nationals, that reside in a foreign country and have a bank account outside the local market to invest as a retail investor in p2p loans on the platform.

Know your customer, anti money laundering

Legal reasons require the platforms to check identities of investors. For local investors that often is automated. For international investors the platforms typically require the investor to upload document scans (e.g. driving license).

Currency risk and money transfer

Cross-border lending often means that the investor has to bear an additional risk: currency exchange rates fluctuate. But the first issue may arise when transferring money in. Luckily in the Eurozone the SEPA payments are fast and efficient and very low-cost (or even free). If there is a currency exchange necessary, services like Transferwise* or Currencyfair* might be cheaper options than a bank transfer.


Obviously investors will have to check if legislation in their home country allows them to invest in p2p lending and what the tax implications will be.

The list

I have personally invested on the following platforms as an international investor, meaning I can tell from own experience that the platforms are not only open to international investors but that the process is also functioning well.

bondora-logo-2016bBondora*, Estonia, is open to international investors since the end of 2012. Bondora offers p2p loans to consumers (borrowers) in 4 European countries. It is open to international retail investors residing in the European Union, Switzerland and on a case by case basis other countries. It is also open to accredited investors from the US. The currency is Euro. Read my blog coverage on Bondora.

Mintos*, Latvia, opened to investors in January 2015. Loans offered by several loan originators in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Georgia. Some loans are secured by assets and/or buyback gurantee. Mintos is open to investors from the European Union and many other countries (see list at registration). The currencies are Euro, CZK, SEK, GBP, PLN, DKK, RON and GEL. Read my blog coverage on Mintos.

Twino logo 2018TWINO*, Latvia, launched in June 2015. TWINO is open to investors from the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. TWINO offers opportunities to invest into consumer loans with a buyout guarantee, thereby reducing risks for investors. The currency is selectable – either Euro or GBP. Read my blog coverage on TWINO.

PeerBerryPeerBerry*, Latvia, launched in 2017. PeerBerry is open to investors in the European Union and several other countries (see list at signup). PeerBerry offers short-term consumer loans in several countries secured by buyback guarantee. The currency is EUR**.

dofinance*, Latvia, launched in 2017. doFinance is open to international investors in EU, EEA and several other countries. doFinance offer consumer and factoring loans. The currency is EUR. Read my blog articles on doFinance.


kviku logoKviku.Finance*, Cyprus, launched in 2020. Kviku.Finance is open to international investors. Kviku.Finance is a marketplace for consumer loans in Spain, Poland and Kazhakstan. The currency is EUR**.


Nibble*, Estonia, launched in 2019. Nibble is open to international investors from Europe with an European bank account. Nibble is a marketplace for consumer loans in Spain and Russia. The currency is EUR**.

Blend Network
blend networkBlend Network*, UK, launched in 2018. Blend Network is open to international investors. Blend Network offers property loans, lending to established property developers. The currency is GBP**. Read my blog articles on Blend Network.

Kuflink logoKuflink*, UK, launched in 2017. Kuflink is open to international investors. Kuflink offers projects secured by UK property, lending to professional borrowers. The currency is GBP**. Read my blog articles on Kuflink.

Brickfy logoBrickfy*, Estonia, launched in 2020. Brickfy is open to international investors. Brickfy offers SME and property back loans from several loan originators. The currency is EUR**.


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Information for p2p lending services
Inclusion in the above list for services that are open to international retail investors is only 80 EUR per month (plus VAT if applicable; payable in advance for one year). P2P-Banking has a global readership and is a leading resource on information about p2p lending. Aside from winning investors directly, p2p lending marketplaces will benefit by the fact that information & tables compiled on this site are often cited or the contents copied by media and other internet sites, which will lead to even larger awareness for the service. For inclusion please email me. (my Linkedin profile)

**I plan to invest on this marketplace in the future

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Can you make money with p2p lending?

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