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Established in March 2006 Wiseclerk.com tracks the development of p2p lending on the web. P2P lending expert Claus Lehmann started the industry blog P2P-Banking.com in January 2007 and built a fast growing readership among the p2p lending community worldwide. Counting 20,000 visitors every month the site became a leading information ressource on p2p lending. Information from P2P-Banking.com / Wiseclerk.com was cited by the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Bank Research, Javelin Strategy, Springwise.com, Trendwatching as well as many other publications. Several founders of P2P lending companies wrote guest articles at P2P-Banking.com in the past.


If you have information about a startup in that area please contact me. Guest authors that cover special aspects (like a specific market) are most welcome. (See our call for guest authors)

If you represent a start-up, company or institution and have news, we love to hear them, especially if you are still in pre-launch. Our readers want background information, analysis, market development explained and other insights. Not promotional press release style.

1. What advantages does publishing my news on P2P-Banking.com give me?
You don’t need to worry about webhosting and technology. You can concentrate at getting your information across to industry participants, lenders and borrowers.

2. What can I write about as a guest author?
Anything you like. But please choose topics that have some relationship to borrowing, lending or market trends. Wiseclerk reserves the right to remove articles without giving any reasons.

3. How do I get started?
If you want to become a regular contributing guest author or have interesting news, please send an email to contact.


1. Are articles screened by P2P-Banking.com?
No, the individual guest author is responsible for the content of his article. Only articles by ‘admin’ or ‘wiseclerk’ are written by wiseclerk.

2. How do I find articles about a specific topic
Try typing the topic in the search box on the upper right and hit the ‘search’ button.

3. Can I comment an article?
Your feedback is most welcome. You can comment on any article. To prevent abuse, commenting on very old articles is disabled.


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