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What is an IFISA?

It is short for Innovative Finance ISA. UK taxpayers can invest up to £20,000 per year tax-free in ISAs. This amount is per tax year, so a person could invest £20,000 this tax year and invest £20,000 in a different ISA next year.

Aside from the Cash ISA and the Stocks & Shares ISA a third kind of ISAs the Innovative Finance ISA short IFISA was introduced in 2016 with most offers becoming approved by HRMC only from the 2017/2018 tax year.

The main focus of this database is on IFISAs by p2p lending marketplaces, but there are and will be other types of IFISA products. A prerequisite for an IFISA product offer by a p2p lending company is full approval by the regulatory body FCA.

The ISA allowance

The ISA allowance of £20,000 can be invested in full in one IFISA or diversified (split) among the 3 categories of ISAs (see above). It is important that combined across types an investor cannot put in more than the ISA limit in a given year. However an investor may benefit from more tax free investing in a non IFISA account on a p2p lending marketplace, if he makes use of his personal savings allowance (PSA). For basic-rate taxpayers, up to £1,000 of interest each year can be earned tax-free. For higher-rate taxpayers, the amount drops to £500, and for additional-rate taxpayers the PSA is not available.

Transfer In

Some services allow investors to transfer in the amounts of an ISA of a previous year. These can be cash or stock ISAs (provided they allow transfer out) however the amount must be available in cash, so for example any stocks held need to be sold first. Note that the new ISA manager must initiate and manage the transfer. An investor that withdraws cash from the previous ISA and manually deposits it to the new IFISA risks losing his allowance.

Transfer Out

Some services allow investors to transfer out the allowance. This is only possible, if the amount is available in cash, so any loan parts must be sold first. The marketplace might charge a fee and impose further conditions.

Flexible IFISA

If an IFISA is flexible, an investor may remove funds during the tax year without losing the allowance benefits provided the funds are put back in in time before the tax year ends.

Minimum amount

Some p2p lending marketplaces require a minimum investment amount for IFISA account. This especially needs to be considered if you split your allowance across ISA types.  You can filter services by minimum amount required using the slider on the right.


While some IFISA offers come with a fixed interest rate, most have an interest rate range and the actual rate is dependent on the term, type, credit grade or other parameters of the individual loan. Also most rates are advertised rates. The actual achievable return will vary as it can be impacted by loan defaults, early repayments and the composition of the built loan portfolio.

Loan term

Investors will be committed for the loan term, unless the marketplace offers a secondary market or a sell-out function. However with a fully amortized loan investors can expect to have about half of the principal returned mid-term. Unlike in an 1 year ISA or 2 year ISA, investors can use IFISAs to compose a portfolio with diversified terms by investing in multiple loans.


Most p2p lending marketplaces do not charge a fee to open and maintain the IFISA account and the investments. However a few do. To select only those products where there is no fee imposed on investments select the ‘Fee-free’ checkbox on the right.

Secondary Market

A secondary market allows investors to sell and buy investments to/from each other. There are differences in the pricing mechanisms used. Some only allow trading at par, while other the seller to set premiums or discounts. The possibility to trade at premiums is important to those investors, that mainly want to profit from gains in their trading strategy rather than from interest earned.


The difference to a secondary market is that with Sell-Out an investor sells ALL his investments. Usually a Sell-Out is conducted in order to transfer out / withdraw & exit that provider.

Are IFISA covered by the FSCS?

No. Money invested on p2p lending marketplaces is not covered by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme).

Where do I find best IFISA providers?

Use the interactive IFISA comparison tool!

IFISA Provider products currently included in P2P-Banking database

Listed in alphabetical order: Abundance IFISA, Archover IFISA, Assetz Capital IFISA, Brickvest IFISA, Capitalrise IFISA, Crowd for Angels IFISA, Crowd2fund IFISA, Crowdproperty IFISA, Crowdstacker IFISA, Downing IFISA, Easymoney IFISA, Folk2Folk IFISA, Funding Circle IFISA, HNW Lending IFISA, Invest & Fund IFISA, Kuflink IFISA, Landlordinvest IFISA, Lendahand Ethex IFISA, Loanpad ISA, Money&Co IFISA, Property Partner IFISA, Proplend IFISA, Rebuilding Society IFISA, Relendex IFISA, Sourced IFISA, The House Crowd IFISA, Triodos Bank IFISA, Zopa IFISA

IFISA Offers expected to be launched in future

These new ISA offers are expected to be launched once the provider has obtained the necessary approval. P2P Banking will include new offers in the IFISA comparison database soon after launch. Listed in alphabetical order (this is by no way a complete list of IFISA offers in planning): Crowdlords IFISA, Flender IFISA, Peerfunding IFISA

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