Sonny Aswani Invests in Investly

investly-logoEstonian p2p lending marketplace Investly announced that Sonny Aswani became an investor. He will invest also directly in the loans offered via Investly. ‘As proven by TransferWise and Bondora, Estonia has high potential for fintech companies and Investly helps to redesign the way how the SMEs are financed. In my view, Investly has the potential to expand to the new markets through technical integration and innovation’, Aswani said.

‘From its inception, Investly has been aiming international markets and the support of investors like Sonny Aswani helps us to achieve the expansion goals. A number of strong small businesses is ready to consider alternative’s to bank funding, both in Estonia and other countries’, said Siim Maivel, CEO of Investly.

In Aswani’s view, Investly’s portfolio offers a number of interesting investment opportunities. ‘Having seen how the platform operates, I recommend to consider Investly as a new tool for financing SMEs and getting return for that. The funds go directly to the economy and expected returns outperform many other financial instruments’, Aswani noted.

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