P2P Lending Marketplace is Raising 2M GBP via Seedrs

Assetz LogoP2P Lending Marketplace AssetzCapital is raising 2 million GBP via a convertible note on Seedrs from the crowd.

Assetz Capital is one of the established, medium sized UK p2p lending marketplaces. Since inception they originated over 60 million GBP in loan volume. I covered Assetz Capital in when I visited them last year. How a convertible note pitch differs from a ‘normal’ equity pitch on Seedrs is described in this document.

Minimum investment is 10 GBP. The valuation cap for this convertible is 60 million GBP and the discount rate is 10% provided that the convertible shares are issued within 12 months. In the event that the convertible shares are issued after 12 months, the discount rate shall increase by a rate of 0.8% per calendar month for a further 11 months, increasing to 20% in the 24th month. The discount rate will then be capped at 20% thereafter.I invested into this pitch as I believe in the further growth of the UK p2p lending market and in my view Assetz Capital is excellently positioned to participate in this growth.

This article is not an investment advice. Investing in startups bears significant risks, including total loss of investment.

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