Finding the best MyC4 loans accelerated growth during the past month. This is shown by stats on (provided by showing the loan volume by origination month. Compared to earlier months the loan volume rose sharply in December and January. In December 150,000 Euro loans and in January 250,000 Euro loans were disbursed to African entrepreneurs.

myc4 loan volume by month

The new MyC4Stats page offers reports helping lenders to find open MyC4 loan listings with the best rates. At MyC4 – unlike at Prosper – every lender funds a loan at his individual interest rate. In fact 50 different lenders funding one specific loan may each earn different, self-set interest rates. While MyC4 sets a maximum for the weighted average interest rate for each loan, it is still possible for an individual lender to bid higher and earn more after funding.

Example: A 2500 Euro loan to Clementine Gbrou, who exports grains to Europe the maximum weighted Wanted interest rate was 12% (lender interest, not borrower). This loan closed with a weighted average interest rate of 11,64% (lender interest). The individual lenders in this loan earn DIFFERENT selfselected interest rate between 3% and 13.5%. Several lenders thus achieved above average rates.

How to find the best loans?

To select the loans with the best rates for bidding in the listing phase a quick overview of available listings sorted by the maximum possible interest rates that can be bid, is important. Several tables on MyC4Stats help lenders on this. Sample screenshot:

Myc4 bidding tool

The report presents the listings sorted by maximum interest rate (column Maximum bid) that can be bid and states the Euro amount above this rate that serves as a buffer before being outbid. The buffer is caused by the rule that new bids must always be place at least 0.5% lower then the current high bid.

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4 thoughts on “Finding the best MyC4 loans

  1. You mention in “loan open for bidding” that new bid always must be placed at least 0.5% lower then the current high bid.
    But as far I know (and have done) 0.25 is enough.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi John,

    thanks for mentioning that. I tried it today and you are right. It seems to have changed since I wrote this article last year.

  3. Hi Claus I made a post today ( link) at the myc4 forum
    Do you think it is possible from your data to keep an eye on bidding time statistics- How many days will a 100% funded loan stay on your page showing that it is 100% funded at with an interest as or lower than wanted.
    Are small loans quicker than big, ugander than kenya and so on

    I do use your page almost everytime I make a bid- so really appreciate your work

    Best wishes

  4. Hi Peter

    I am not tracking that, but my (subjective) impression is that fully funded loans are usually closed by the provider within the next 48 hours.

    No difference between smaller and bigger loans here, apart from the fact that bigger loans take much much longer until they are 100% funded

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