Hoping for a quick gain on Lending Club trades?

Found this today. Someone using Lending Club‘s new Note Trading Platform seems to speculate that a bulk buyer of notes might overlook the added zero in the value?

Retrieved Nov. 3rd, 2008 – some columns have been removed to allow better overview.

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2 thoughts on “Hoping for a quick gain on Lending Club trades?

  1. Thanks, Claus, for pointing this out.

    We noticed this as well. I’m guessing this was just a typing mistake. The benefits of a free marketplace is that sellers and buyers must agree to a price based on supply and demand. Selling orders are up for up to 4 weeks, so if nobody purchases it (and I doubt anybody will), it’ll come down automatically.

    Rob G from Lending Club

  2. Rob,

    don’t think it is a typo. It is a fair use of the marketplace. However, should someone buy this not, that would obviously on accident and shout it happen I pity the buyer.

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