Growth of Investor Numbers on P2P Lending Platforms

Today I take a look at how investor numbers are developing at several platforms. I chart relative numbers with the index set to 100 for October 1st, 2017. The advantage of using indexed numbers for this comparison is that platforms use very different definitions for their investor base size. Some count registered investors, some count investors with deposits, some count active investors, some count recently active investors, … .

The disadvantage of showing indexed numbers for growth is that it gives smaller, younger an advantage as their percentage increase of investor base is likely still higher because they come from smaller absolut numbers.

Investor numbers by P2P-Banking
Indexed investor numbers (with Oct 1st, 2017 = 100).
Reading example: On Dec 1st the index value for Mintos was 117, meaning Mintos had 17% more investors than on Oct. 1st

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  1. Looks like Baltic platforms are clearly leading in growth among the all.

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