Prelaunch Notification Service of Upcoming Seedrs Pitches – Invest Before the Crowd

I am a huge fan of Seedrs*, an UK crowdfunding for equity marketplace where everybody can invest in equity of startups. I have invested small amounts in over 40 pitches so far. To learn more about Seedrs*, read the articles and reviews I have written on the blog.

Often I learn of new upcoming Seedrs pitches from my network before they are available on the Seedrs ‘Invest’ page. Sometimes the startup CEO even sends me an email directly informing me about the pitch and offering an interview. Now I share the opportunity to access and review the new pitches with you, before they are available to the general crowd. Just sign up for the notification service in the box below and you get the special link to ne prelaunch pitches, once I know of them.

Sign up for notification alerts of new upcoming prelease Seedrs pitches


If you are a startup CEO and want to reach highly interested investors before officially launching your Seedrs campaign, please contact me. (my Linkedin profile).

FAQ for this New Seedrs Pitch Email Notification Service

Q: Will I get an email for every new Seedrs pitch?
No, you only get an email for publicly accessible, but unannounced Seedrs pitches. That means they are not yet on the ‘Invest’ page, but you can already see the pitch via the link I provide and invest. Currently this notifiaction service will send 1-3 emails in an average month.

Q: Why do the startups use this pre-release mode?
Once a startup officially launches the Seedrs pitch, the clock is ticking and it has only 60 days to fill 100%. It is good practise to gain some support and traction before that, so some startups open the Pitch in prelaunch mode and notify their network.

Q: Is this an official notification service of Seedrs?
No this service is run by We get no privileged information or data from Seedrs. I often learn of the opportunity through my network or directly from the startup. I am not disclosing any confidential information. The pitch is accessible to anyone through the internet – you just have to have the link (which I will send to you through the notification service).

This is not an investment advice. Investing in startups bears significant risks, including total loss of investment.