Estateguru Receives ECSPR License for All EU Member States

Estateguru LogoThere is news today from Estateguru* a marketplace for property backed loans to SMEs in various European countries.

Estateguru has announced that the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (Finantsinspektsioon) has granted the platform its European European Crowdfunding Service Providers for Business (ECSPR) licence, allowing it to operate as a crowdfunding service provider across all European Union (EU) member states under unified rules.

Estateguru was the first crowdfunding platform to be regulated in several markets, including Lithuania, Finland and the United Kingdom. The granting of the new Pan-European licence serves to confirm that the company is fully compliant with all of the recently introduced regulations and that its internal processes and procedures meet the financial standards necessary to operate anywhere in the EU.

‘The ECSPR licence marks a significant milestone for Estateguru, enabling the platform to expand its services and provide investment opportunities to a wider user base throughout the European Union. The recently introduced ECSPR regulations provide for greater transparency for investors and introduce new obligations to ensure consumer protections and safeguard the interests of investors,’ said Mihkel Stamm, CEO of Estateguru.

Estateguru says it has been proactive in preparing for this regulatory change, having already implemented customer checks, complaint-handling protocols, appropriate marketing messages, and other changes in order to fully comply with the ECSPR regulations. The company had previously championed the creation of the regulations and even contributed to their formation in Estonia.

‘As Estateguru becomes among the first ones on our home markets to receive a licence, the company solidifies its position as a trusted and compliant crowdfunding service provider, both in the region and all of Europe,’ – added Mihkel.

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