Prosper seeks Hedge Funds as lenders is actively promoting it's marketplace to hedge funds.

Prosper is America’s largest peer-to-peer marketplace with over 600,000 members,” stated Kirk Inglis, CFO of Prosper. “As credit markets experience unprecedented changes, institutional lenders, including hedge funds, are using Prosper to diversify portfolio returns without the lack of transparency and fees associated with structured consumer debt products.

(via ProsperousLand)

Another recent Prosper related topic was the concern raised by lenders that in select states Prosper stops any collection activities on small loans, if the borrower sends a Cease-and-Desist letter (the example given is a 2,500 US$ loan in Texas). The author of the blog post argues that the risks for lenders rise, if this example really shows overall practise.

Moreover, they won't pursue legal action to recover small loans. So all small loans are now risky since the borrower has an easy method to halt payment, collections and legal proceedings. Prosper simply seems unwilling to go after small borrowers.

Finally, even for larger loans, it seems unsafe to lend, since Prosper will only sue in select states. I don't recall Prosper saying anything about selective enforcement in my many lender agreements, but before I put another penny into Prosper, you can be damn sure I will ask them what states they will take legal action in and what the minimum loan amount is for which they will sue.



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