Lend for Peace

That’s the name of a microlending platform, where lenders can lend to palestinian entrepreneurs in the Palestinean territories. I have not used Lendforpeace.org, but from what I read, it works just like Kiva but targets a specific region. Lendforpeace launched 5 days ago. When I looked today there where 8 loan requests in various degrees of funding.

Lendforpeace is a US non-profit organisation founded by 2 Jews and 2 Palestinians: Sam Adelsberg, Andrew Dudum, David Fraga and Al Taj.

Our mission is to use micro-lending to promote economic opportunity and political stability in the Middle East.

At LendforPeace.org you can make a loan directly to a vetted micro-entrepreneur in the West Bank. We work with US government-approved microfinance institutions on the ground to deliver your capital along with training and guidance to low-income individuals who are interested in starting or expanding their own small businesses.

LendforPeace.org is supported by grants from the Clinton Global Initiative, Ashoka Youth Venture, Davis Projects for Peace.

For users with a specific interest in this region Lendforpeace may be an interesting supplement to using Kiva.

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4 thoughts on “Lend for Peace

  1. I still believe Micro-finance efforts need to offer some interest/return, beyond the human capital aspect, to be successful. I’d go for MicroPlace.com if it weren’t for their unholy alliance with eBay/PayPal, but at least they give you a modest return (up to 3%). Honorable effort, but it very much smells of a Kiva.org clone.

  2. For accuracy purposes please modify your post to properly reflect that that one of the founders, Andrew Dudum is Christian.

  3. Richard,

    thank you for catching that. I must have been to deep in thought when trying to type the quoted facts from the website correctly.

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