Gimmick – App for P2P Lenders

I just saw the first iPhone App that is to support lenders in using p2p lending services. It aims to help them keeping up to date with the latest listings at Prosper, Lending Club and Kiva.

The features of this app are rather basic, but with the number of people lending at p2p services there could be a market for a sophisticated app that really helps lenders select loans while on the move.

Update: There are in fact two other free apps to browse Kiva loan listings.

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One thought on “Gimmick – App for P2P Lenders

  1. I noticed this app as well and I agree it is somewhat of a gimmick. What I would like to see is one of the Stats sites such as or come out with an iPhone app. Better still, Lending Club or Prosper should come out with one where you can keep track of your own portfolio and do reinvestments. Can’t imagine it would be that hard.

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