Yes Secure to Add Secondary Market

Yes-secure, a British p2p lending marketplace launched in June 2010, will very soon add a secondary market called Secondary Loan Slice Market.

According to information the company provided, the secondary market will have the following features:

Advantages for Loan slice buyers:

• Loans offered at premium and discount: Lenders are able to buy loan slices from other lenders at a premium or discount to the principal remaining amount. Lenders can invest in quality loan slices which they missed out on earlier.

• Ability to view repayment history: Potential buyers for the loan slices can view detailed information about the borrower repayment history, enabling them to make informed low-risk decisions based on track record of reliable repayments.

• Earn interest from day one: As the existing loans slices can be transferred within a few minutes, they can start earning interest with immediate effect.

• Build a balanced investment portfolio: Lenders can quickly build themselves an active and balanced portfolio by picking and choosing through different markets, rates and terms; this automatically leads to risk-diversification through loan portfolio management.

The advantages for Loan slice sellers:

• Encourages liquidity: Investors can easily generate cash as and when they require by selling their loans slices to other registered members of YES-secure.

• Flexibility: Investors can easily manage their investment portfolio, buying and selling chosen loan slices and fine-tuning their lending portfolio to suit their risk profile.

• Loans sold at premium or discount: Lenders can set a price for their loan slices at rates within +/-10% of the remaining principal amounts of their loans.

It is interesting to see that Yes Secure does not face the regulatory challenges Zopa cites (see: Zopa Rapid Return Secondary Market) or has overcome them.

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