First Business Offer Fully Funded at Crowdcube

On the peer-to-peer equity market Crowdcube (see earlier coverage) the first business succeeded in raising the desired funding in exchange for equity. Yesterday bodycare business Bubble & Balm hit its funding target of 75,000 GBP. The amount was funded by 82 investors which will in return receive 15% of the equity of the company.

I am one of those, albeit with a symbolic amount of 20 GBP invested, which means that in the future I will own a whooping 0,004% (=1/25000) of Bubble & Balm, once the transaction is legally finalized.

Investing so far was very easy – I contributed my 20 GBP (plus fees) via Paypal. There is the option to pay via bank transfer too. After uploading the money to the account I then selected the business to invest to.

For the moment it is fun to participate in this first public p2p equity process in the UK and I see it as an experiment with the ability to gain first hand experience how it proceeds.

I selected Bubble & Balm as an “investment target” for three reasons:

  1. It was clear that this pitch would be the first to fully fund
  2. It is an established business that already operates since 2009, not a startup with a mere idea
  3. The information provided in the pitch is sound (business plan, financials, background of founder)

The bodycare business will use the investment to expand its award-winning product range, increase marketing activity and to meet increasing demand from retailers such as Waitrose, Oxfam, Planet Organic and a growing number of independents.

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