Lender signature – workaround for Firefox users

Firefox users have been experiencing some useability problems with creating the new wiseclerk lender signatures with the prosper lender stats.

Here is the workaround:
Step 1: Enter lender name on the signature creation page.
Step 2: Wait for up to 2 minutes. IGNORE the error message Firefox displays.
Step 3: Copy this code into your forum signature:
[URL=http://www.wiseclerk.com/lender-m-all-l-screenname.html] [IMG]https://www.p2p-banking.com/jpg/screenname.png[/IMG][/URL]
Step 4: Replace screenname with your prosper screenname

You are done. Sorry for the inconvience. Any help by experienced Firefox programmers is appreciated

Borrower signature - workaround for Firefox users
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