Ebay to enter social lending

Several weeks ago Ebay bought Microplace. Microplace (like Kiva) aims to offer microfinance loans to individuals with entrepreneurial spirit in developing countries . Anyone can help fund loans with as little as $100 dollars investment according to Microplace. (Source on Ebay buying Microplace).

Other news: There is a site solongbanks.com saying it will offer peer-to-peer lending. No further information could be obtained.

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One thought on “Ebay to enter social lending

  1. http://www.globefunder.com is launching this summer a for profit marketplace linking lenders, borrower and microfinance institutions across the globe.
    We will launch in the US in Sept. 2007 and we are relaunching a robust lending platform globally at the same time.
    Check us out…

    Scalable investment funding is needed to reach the 2bn people living on less than $2 per day. And increasing MFI capacity to reach more borrowers. Marketplace fundamentals are needed to truly scale.

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