Baton Teacher Attributes Prosper to Life Change

I am the Group Leader of Virtual Lending Group and recently received an email from Kori, one of my Group Members that I would like to share. Kori is a young lady who came to Prosper for an auto loan because she had no credit history and was having difficulty obtaining a loan through conventional lending institutions. She needed a vehicle in order to pursue her career teaching baton classes at different schools:

Kori’s Email:

Hey, How are things going?!?! Everything is FINALLY falling into place for me. The after school coordinator and the budget advisor have approved my classes, now I am getting finger printed. The board signs my paperwork on Feb 13th and then I am starting a 17 week program at $600 a week. I am going to be making $40 an hr, 3 different schools a day, and five days a week. The contract is for $10,200 for only 4 months of work!!! I am so excited! My boyfriend has his business up and it is growing as well. We are planning on using Prosper in 6 months to a year for loan to purchase a home. I’m only 20 right now, by the time I am 21 in June things will be looking so much better!!! I am also competing in 2008 in the Baton Twirling World Championships. I will keep you informed on everything that is happening! Thanks you for the help. The car loan really has kick started my entire life! It is insane! TTYL!

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