MyC4 starts offering loans in Rwanda next week will start to offer loans in Rwanda next week. This is the fourth country MyC4 is lending at, after Uganda, Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire. Mads Kjaer, CEO of MyC4, is quoted that Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and South Africa will follow. In 2009 he aims to serve borrowers in 20 countries in Africa. (Source)

In a danish television video (15 min, danish language), which was broadcastes yesterday, MyC4 is presented as a good alternative for investing and gains a recommendation of, a website comparing banks.

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5 thoughts on “MyC4 starts offering loans in Rwanda next week

  1. my name is david i have opend a computer shop in nyamirambo rwanda next to new bcr bank.
    i would like to know more about my c4 loans so that i can add my stock
    which i get from kenya .or dubai
    my shop name is smart world technologes.
    please help .to know how i can get loan.

  2. Hi David,

    you need to contact Micro Africa Limited which is MyC4’s provider for Rwanda

    Micro Africa Ltd
    P. O. Box 52926 – 00200
    Tel: +254 20 2727373 / +254 2721751

    They have an office in Kigali, Rwanda
    Rwanda Micro Finance S.A.R.L (RML)

    The company was incorporated in 2004 in Kigali, Rwanda. Micro Africa Ltd owns 97.5% and the minority shareholding being held by Mr. Ezra Bunyenyezi, a businessman in Kigali Rwanda.


  3. Am a student. and I intend to set up a stage in the next Exposition this year2008. I will require a small loan. How do I go about and what is required of me.

    • Muzinguzi,
      if you live in Rwanda and want a loan though MyC4 you need to contact MyC4’s provider in Rwanda which is Micro Africa Ltd (contact information see above)

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