Evolving Wiseclerk to a p2p lending information exchange

As some of you might have noticed, the main page of Wiseclerk.com changed today and now offers a p2p lending discussion forum. I believe there is a huge need for information on the developing p2p lending services. In this spirit I started Wiseclerk.com in April 2006 to create useful overview reports on Prosper. While it was not the first site of this kind (some oldtimers may remember Savagenumber.com by atlantageek) it did grow quickly and built a loyal userbase among Prosper lenders.

Prosper did from the beginning support the efforts of developers by providing data publicly and later offering data export interfaces and APIs.

Both the Wiseclerk reports and the later added blog were started with a focus on Prosper. That was appropriate at that point in time but now I think a broader view is needed. Lenders can choose between several p2p lending services and the flow of information needs to be taken to a meta platform level. Lenders that lend on several platforms will not want to check several forums – each one tied to the single platform.

The new forum will also serve as a feedback and discussion location for ideas and news published in the p2p-banking blog. Later today I will add a display into the blog that shows the latest discussion threads from the forum.

Regarding the Wiseclerk stats pages: They continue to be available, but there will probably no new report types been added in the future. Ericscc.com and Lendingstats.com are doing a great job to supply stats therefore I am confident that users can in the future still profit from great stats. Give both a great thanks for their continous effort: While Prosper interfaces do supply a huge amount of data, unfortunately Prosper in the past did not pre-announce changes to the interface.

(Former Wiseclerk main page, now located at index-old)


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