Lending Club IPO Filing Published Today

P2P Lending Service Lending Club Filed a preliminary prospectus today with the SEC to prepare the IPO. Lending Club aims to raise 500 million US$ in the public offering. The document does not set a share price or a company valuation, which will happen later on in the process. The underwriters are Goldman, Morgan Stanley, Citi, Stifel, BMO, Allen & Co., William Blair, and Wells Fargo. In the first half oof 2014 Lending Club had a revenue of 87.3 million US$ and a net loss of 16.5 million US$. S. The company had 2.33 billion US$ in p2p loans on its balance sheet as of June 30.

This is a huge boost for p2p lending and will raise lots of awareness in the US and internationally for the innovative industry.

Rapid growth of Lending Club’s loan volume since launch in 2007

(Sources: press release and prospectus)

International P2P Lending Services - Loan Volumes August 2014
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