LendingRobot Raises 3M from Runa Capital

Seattle based Lending Robot, a 3rd party tool for investors to automate bidding on Lending Club and Prosper has raised 3 million US$ form Moscow based VC Runa Capital. The founders Gilad Golan and Emmanuel Marot had initially created a solution to automate their own investments on Lending Club. The growing needs to automate such investments convinced them to develop this further in the publicly available service Lending Robot. Lending Robot is free for the first 10K managed investment and beyond that charges users a small yearly fee. To comply with regulation, Lending Robot registered with SEC as an Investment Advisor.

The main advantage of the service is that it bids for investors a high speed. This is crucial because bidding on Prosper and Lending Club is very competitive and the most sought loans are filled very fast.

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