LendingRobot Adds Functionality to Invest into FundingCircle US loans

3rd party service LendingRobot today announces a partnership with Funding Circle in the United States, expanding the reach of LendingRobot’s automated investment technology beyond consumer loans and into small business lending.

Through the integration, individual investors using LendingRobot can set automated investment strategies for Funding Circle’s marketplace based on an extensive set of loan filtering criteria, and leverage the unified platform to manage their investments across multiple marketplaces, including Funding Circle.

“Introducing Funding Circle to the LendingRobot family of platforms demonstrates that our algorithmic investment strategies are extensible beyond consumer credit,” said LendingRobot CEO Emmanuel Marot. “The growth of peer lending as an investment vehicle is naturally encouraging an increase in the number and size of focused, vertical marketplaces. What we are building with this partnership is a unified view of all the major aspects of peer lending for investors, …”.

LendingRobot now offers automated trading across Funding Circle, Lending Club and Prosper Marketplace, helping individual investors (accredited investors only) achieve greater simplicity and diversification in their investment portfolio. The service is free up to 5,000 US$ in managed assets and 0.45% per year above that amount.

LendingRobot was founded in 2012. The Seatlle based company raised 3.7M US$ in two rounds and currently has 7 employees.

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