Zopa Launches Car Loan Refinance

Today UK p2p lending service Zopa announced it will extend its product range to offer ‘Zopa Car ReFi‘, a refinancing product for car loans. It is positioned to allow consumers to refinance existing car loans at a better rate.
Zopa’s credit risk algorithms, combined with in-depth vehicle information, act together to provide customers with a free and instant personalised savings estimate, prior to those customers taking out the product.

Ownership of the vehicle remains with Zopa’s Lenders until the final payment, when it will be transferred to the borrower.

Jaidev Janardana, Zopa CEO said, ‘We are thrilled to launch the UK’s first seamless car refinancing service, helping thousands of consumers drive down the cost of car ownership. This is a market worth £12bn per year with plenty of space for customer-first innovation – something we have specialised in at Zopa for over 11 years. Buying a car is by far the most common reason for a customer to take a personal loan from Zopa, so we are proud to now also offer a product that can help customers that already have a car on a finance agreement. …’

Zopas Car Loans

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