Growth of Investor Numbers on P2P Lending Marketplaces

Today I take a look at the recent development of investor numbers on several p2p lending marketplaces. I chart relative numbers with the index set to 100 for June 1st, 2018. The advantage of using indexed numbers for this comparison is that platforms use very different definitions for their investor base size. Some count registered investors, some count investors with deposits, some count active investors, some count recently active investors, … .

The disadvantage of showing indexed numbers for growth is that it gives smaller, younger an advantage as their percentage increase of investor base is likely still higher because they come from smaller absolut numbers. An example for this effect is Peerberry where percentage growth of investors is rapid, but the absolute number as of Sep, 1st has reached only 2468 investors as it is a very young marketplace.

P2P Lending Investor Statistic
Indexed investor numbers (with June 1st, 2018 = 100). Peerberry exceeds the choosen display scale – value for Apr. is 66 and value for Sep. is 183
Reading example: On Sep 1st the index value for Mintos was 123, meaning Mintos had 23% more investors than on Jun. 1st

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  1. I tink Peerberry gained investors when Mintos did the recent buybacks of their better loans. Lots of people withdrew and started other accounts when the Mintos rates dropped for new loans. Unfortunately Peerberry has not been able to keep up with the demand and is suffering cash drag as with most other smaller platforms..

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