Cashare Plans To Use Digital Signatures in P2P Lending Process

In Switzerland P2P Lending Service Cashare announced that it plans to be one of the web service pioneering the use of SuisseID a digital signature. Documents signed with this digital signature are as binding as a conventional signature on paper.

Opportunities for P2P Lending

Several European countries (e.g. Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium) have enacted laws that equate digital signatures with conventional signatures.

P2P Lending can use digital signatures to

  • validate the identity (and depending on the signature card the address) of users
  • automate processes that otherwise would require a signature on paper and enable paperless process chains.
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7 thoughts on “Cashare Plans To Use Digital Signatures in P2P Lending Process

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  2. It’s worth noting that in common law countries (like the UK), any mark of your consent to be bound by a contract counts as a signature. So we’ve had “digital signatures” for a long time!

    • Thomas,

      the advantage with a digital signature in the form meant in the article, is that a third party has verified the identity of the person owning this signature

  3. We have been using the Estonian digital signature from the start. We could have also used a system provided by the banks (the user is verified via their internet bank), but it is legally not that sound. Furthermore it could have tied us up with banks who have sometimes turned the service off for other financial companies.

    The downside is that as the service is currently only used by roughly 20-25% of the population then it immediately means that we cut off 80% of the target group.

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