Rainfin brings p2p lending to South Africa

Today Rainfin launched the first p2p lending service in South Africa, which to my knowledge is the first national p2p lending service operating in an African country. Based on a sophisticated technology founders Sean Emery and Hannes van der Merwe launched the service after more than a year of implementation. Borrowers can apply for loan amounts between 1,000 and 75,000 ZAR (approx. 125 to 9,250 US$). Rainfin expects to reject as much as 80% of the applications. Rainfin charges 3% in transaction fees (2% to borrowers plus 1% to lenders). Rainfin uses an auction systems with the borrower setting the maximum interest rate he is willing to pay. Current listing are for nominal interest of about 15%.

For more detailed background information see the cited Techcentral article below.

Sources: TechCentral: Rainfin loans without banks, company information, Businesstech Social lending to hit SA banking

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