C4-World to launch MyC4 – competition for Kiva

C4-World.com announced that it will start closed beta testing on MyC4.com in May. On MyC4 social lending will aid African businesses. Individual lenders grant loans for the duration of 6 to 12 months. A difference to the microfinance concept of Kiva.org is that lenders will earn interest. Furthermore C4-World aims to not only offer money, but also knowledge to the entrepreneurs in Africa through it's online community. 

Public launch of MyC4 is scheduled for Q4 2007. Minimum investment is $200. I am to participate in the closed beta and will publish my experiences.

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2 thoughts on “C4-World to launch MyC4 – competition for Kiva

  1. GREAT to see that you/Wiseclerk will participate in the closed BETA of MyC4…. we really look forward to your contribution >> shaping the community that will eradicate poverty once and for all!

    Btw, I don’t see us as a competitor to Kiva – with the poverty situation in the world I believe there is room for several platforms that are working to change this spiral!

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