Digesting new Zopa listings infomation

Zopa's new Zopa listings contain several pieces of information. Apart from the "basic information" which include loan amount, loan length, preferred rate, loan purpose, borrower ID, borrower signup date and listing end date, these are:

Credit score

The rating we give to the borrower’s credit score at Callcredit, a UK credit reference agency, relative to other Zopa borrowers


Zopa rating (stars) for the borrower based on income and expenditure details provided by the borrower.


Zopa rating (stars) for the borrower based on details provided by the borrower, such as residence and employment.

Personal profile

Listing text supplied by borrower


Self reported detailed budget (see screenshot above for example)


Lenders can ask questions which the borrower can answer

Lenders are discussing zopa listings in this Zopa forum topic. One information given there is that listing durations which are 12 days right now will vary in future.

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