The Good and The Bad

All things have a learning curve…

I’m learning that as a Group Leader on Prosper, even when you think you’ve worked through that curve, you probably haven’t. I, like many Group Leaders, have had my good news and my bad news.

Bad News
My first group loan has gone late. But worse than that, without any notice to me as a Group Leader, they reversed payments that had already been made. Apparently they can do that. Now she shows two months late.

I’ve passed emails with her over the past couple of weeks. She is showing a strong conviction to get caught up when she can. But it will be a while.

I have my rank now, but not too cool to be one star. I hope she does catch up soon!

Good News
We just closed our fourth group loan. YourAverageJane blew my wildest expectations with her listing. A last minute surge dropped her to 11% (and she is a clean D). Amazing! I’m so happy for her and glad I made enough low bids to ensure I was on this loan no matter what.

I am working with a new borrower who may be ready to list as early as Monday. Another clean D. Stay tuned!


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