Auxmoney Adds Audio to Borrower Profile

German p2p lending service has added the option for borrowers to enhance a listing by adding an audio file. The borrower records the audio message by dialing a phone number and identifying himself by a pin supplied by Auxmoney.

Hearing the borrower describing his request creates a much more personal impression to me than only reading a text description.

To hear an audio-file created by a borrower follow this link and click on the speaker symbol (the audio is in German).

Auxmoney Screenshot June, 8th 2009; symbol for audio profile marked in red

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Loanio – more loan listings on first day

After the Loanio launch yesterday, already some more loan listings are up at Right now I count 8 listings. Probably more are in the making. No bids yet, which is not surprising as the lenders have to sign up and transfer money to Loanio first.
Michael Solomon, the CEO and founder of Loanio had a lucky week according to the Loanio blog – not only did he launch Loanio, but he also won $1,000 in the New York State Lottery.

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Borrowers – tight-lipped or talking one’s head off?

When analysing data it is possible to find out all kind of things. E.g if there are regional differences to how talkative Prosper borrowers are when writing listings.

Prosper's most talkative borrowers live in:


as compared to:

Now, while that was fun, it is not really useful in any way or is it?

When looking at the length of funded listings, that became loans, by credit grade it gets more interesting.

Apparently the lower the credit grade the more detailed the description has to be to convince the lenders to bid to fund the loan.

Looking at the development of the description length of funded Prosper listings on the time scale  this chart is the result:

There are several possible causes that contribute to listings getting lenghtier:

  • Borrowers take other listings as example and add on top of this
  • Group leaders (or others) provide templates
  • Competition for lender attention is getting tougher
  • Borrowers detected that longer descriptions will increase chances (see HRs in table above) – unlikely