Kickstarter – Pledge Money to Fund an Artist is a new crowdfunding platform where anybody can pledge money to support projects of artists, designers, filmmakers, inventors etc.

The artist describes his project and offers rewards based on the amount that is to be pledged. E.g. one example is the ‘Kicey to Iceland‘ project. Photographer Laura Kicey wants to make a 5 day trip to Iceland in June to take photographs in the northwestern fjords. She seeks sponsors for the amount of 350 US$. 15 backers have pledged money so far. They will be rewarded for their support by prints of the taken photographs.

Payment processing is handled by Amazon Payments. Other current projects include:

  • A quest to reunite the Kinks (a band)
  • Icons for IPhone
  • Designing and Producing a Plush Toy
  • A book on voting machines
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One thought on “Kickstarter – Pledge Money to Fund an Artist

  1. Kickstarter is gaining momentum and I think it has a lot to do with the simplicity of the experience from both sides; people looking to pledge even a small amount of money as well as the creatives promoting their projects.

    I just posted my first digital arts project called “Organic Industry” and I am excited to watch it spark to life over the next couple of months.

    Check it out:

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