Prosper sees federal license as long term goal

Following up on my previous post there now is a statement by Andrew, an employee of Prosper stating:

Our long-term goal, however, is to get a federal lending license. It will solve a lot of problems for us (state rate caps, primarily), but is simply harder to get. Nonetheless, it is something that we are pursuing aggressively. As with just about everything else we do, unfortunately, I cannot give you a specific date. Please understand that it is a huge priority for our business, and we are ushering the process as quickly as we can (unfortunately, it's more a process of waiting on regulators than us actually doing things proactively).

Ebay to enter social lending

Several weeks ago Ebay bought Microplace. Microplace (like Kiva) aims to offer microfinance loans to individuals with entrepreneurial spirit in developing countries . Anyone can help fund loans with as little as $100 dollars investment according to Microplace. (Source on Ebay buying Microplace).

Other news: There is a site saying it will offer peer-to-peer lending. No further information could be obtained.