7.9% ROI on my MyC4 loans in the past year

MyC4About a year ago I started lending money to African entrepreneurs via MyC4.com.  So far it did meet my expectations. The process of uploading money worked without problems, there were always enough loan applications to select from and the offered interest rates were high enough to allow for good returns despite the risks. The only point, where the usability need to be vastly improved is a better status overview for the payment status of all loans in the portfolio. MyC4 does show the payment status in detail for each loan, but its hard to get an aggregate overview.

I invested at 13.8% average nominal interest rate. 194 loans are currently running, 29 are repaid in full, 12 are open/pending (not yet disbursed), 1 defaulted and 4 were cancelled.

To roughly calculate estimate my ROI I looked at my account display at MyC4


About 12-13 months ago I uploaded 1,506.94 Euro. Now my account value is 1,625.24 Euro (9,09 Euro available + 124,62 Euro pending bids + 1.491,93 Euro Outstanding principal). That results in an ROI of 7.9% so far. Naturally it would drop, if the outstanding principal is not repaid in full due to defaults.

The ROI is much lower then the average interest rate, since it does take weeks before an investment in a loan becomes active – and unlend money does not yield interest. A further point is that several late loans affect the ROI.

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Status of my MyC4 loans

I have lend money in over 170 loans on MyC4.com. My average interest rate is 13.8%. There are no defaults yet (not only in my portfolio, but overall). But lately there are several loans that are late (usually up to one month).

In the account balance late loans are recorded as repayments with zero value:

Latest borrower who went late is Sarah Akany, who runs a computer training and internet center in Uganda. I don't really worry, since she went late once before and caught up again.

The provider (CMC) posted the following notice to lenders on the blog:

Dear investors,

We have contacted the client and she has promised to clear the late payment. We shall continue tracking the client and ensure payment.