Zopa loan volume

As there is no Zopa loan statistics site, it is not possible to track the Zopa growth daily. You have to wait for the instances where Zopa announces milestones.

Today Zopa – in an announcement to celebrate it's third birthday, said:

Since we launched in March 2005, £20 million in unsecured personal loans have been arranged at Zopa in the UK. More recently growth has been boosted by the global credit crunch which is driving unprecedented demand for P2P personal loans as banks become less competitive and tighten their lending criteria. All of this has also pushed up returns to Zopa lenders to an all time high.

At the current exchange rate that is approx. 40 million US$.


Lending Club hits 10 million US$ loan volume

P2P Lending service Lendingclub.com, which launched last May, today surpasses 10 million US$ in loans. While the total amount is still much lower then the loan volume of competitor Prosper.com (currently over 120 million US$ loan volume) the growth acceleration of Lendingclub is really impressive.

Rob Garcia, Director Web production at Lending Club, told P2P-Banking.com:

This milestone confirms the validity of our approach to person-to-person lending, but more importantly, our value proposition to our borrowers and lenders.  Borrowers are realizing 20-30% better rates than going through the banks, while our lenders enjoy 12% average returns.  We are working to take this concept to a larger audience, so $10M is just a mile marker in our marathon.

The growth can be seen in this chart. For Prosper loan volume compare chart on this page. So basically in February Lending Club has originiated close to the amount Prosper did, when taking into account only those loans that would fit the minimum criteria of Lending Club's 640 FICO score and <30% DTI.

The statistic information at Lendingclub.com shows that over 1200 loans have been issued. So far few loans are late, but since most of the loans are very young, it is to early to tell which level of defaults will have to be expected. The statistic page also shows that Lendingclub declined over 80 million US$ in loan applications.

If you sign up via this link, you get a 25 US$ bonus by Lending Club (and I am paid a referral fee).

Zopa demand figures

Lenders at Zopa do not (yet) select an individual borrower but rather select a market and a rate at which they want to lend their money. This is matched to borrower demand and if a match is found, money is lend out.

There is a 3rd party site tracking the development of the Zopa demand volume and charting it (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Recently the amount requested has gone down in most markets.



New signature tool with prosper data available

Yesterday the new lender signatures were introduced by wiseclerk.com. Based on an idea from  nonattender this new tool allows to transform key lender stats figures into an image, which can be used in a posters signature at the prosper forum.

Example of the image (size decreased, original is larger):

wiseclerk prosper lender stats image example

The image shows the amount invested, the current number of loans, the roles and, if the lender is in the top 500 the rank by money invested.

Once created the images will update daily automatically.

The discussion thread on this new tool was a hot topic. After several suggestions, a couple of hours later a further signature tool, this time for the borrowers was offered.

Example of borrower signature (size decreased, original is larger):

Wiseclerk prosper borrower signature image

We will see how this further develops.