Uppspretta – First P2P Lending Service in Iceland

News from the far north: Uppspretta (engl. resource) launched the first Icelandic p2p lending service earlier this month. Uppspretta’s main goal is to allow startup companies to apply for microloans.

Uppspretta.is was founded by Björk Theodórsdóttir, Ingi Gauti Ragnarsson and Ragnheiður H. Magnúsdóttir. Uppspretta co-operates with Naskar, a group of Icelandic woman entrepreneurs, using them as a show-case for lenders and enabling a start with a secured supply of lender funds.

Iceland is a interesting market for p2p lending. While the market is small in size, the reputation of banks is nearing zero after the banking disaster last year. Theodórsdóttir told P2P-Banking.com: “There is definitely market for such a service as P2P lending in Iceland. We have been well received and in light of the bank‘s reputation, people celebrate the opportunity to bypass them. It‘s yet to be seen the impact Uppspretta will have on the lending market but we are optimistic that Uppspretta will be an real option beside the banks.”

Furthermore she pointed out that unlike other players Uppspretta is free of regulatory chains: “We worked closely with the regulators in Iceland and the conclusion was that Uppspretta would not require any licence to operate.”. Uppspretta charges a fee of 4 percent of the funded loan amount.