Folk2Folk Introduces P2P Mortgages for Cornwall and Devon Properties

Folk2Folk launches a p2p lending services for interest-only loans that are secured by first mortgages. A borrower may not use the home he lives in as security, the services aims at residential buy to let, holiday homes, commercial or industrial premises, farms and agricultural land. The loan amount can be 60% or less than the value of the security.

To start lending a minimum investment of 25,000 GBP is required. Quoted interest rates for last week range from 6 to 9%. Borrowers pay a 2% fee. Fixed term loans as well as variable length loans are possible. The concept of a p2p mortgage may sound complex, but Folk2Folk says they aim to complete the lending in 8 to 10 calender days from the time the borrower applied.

There is a very detailed set of rules describing all eventualities.