Interview with Yes-Secure

In early summer 2010 launched the second p2p lending service active in the UK. Dr. Chandra Patni, CEO of Yes-secure answers my questions. Dr. Chandra Patni, please tell us about the background of the Yes-secure management team and what lead to entering the p2p lending market?

Dr. Chandra Patni: I came up with the business opportunity in 2008, having reviewed Zopa I felt that a social networking based person to person lending marketplace site could become a successful alternative to Zopa. I realised there were opportunities to build and complement the social lending market. Consumers need choice. allows person-to-person lending alongside social networking as people want to know who they are lending to. How is Yes-secure funded?

Dr. Chandra Patni: is funded by private investors alongside the directors of the company. What benefits does Yes-secure offer to lenders and borrowers?

Dr. Chandra Patni: Lenders: provides UK savers and investors a new way to beat inflation and earn better returns than by investing their savings in fixed deposits in a bank. Along with the introductory offers and waivers, there are a wide range of markets (A*- E) allowing lenders to manipulate their investment across various markets getting them high, assured and steady returns. Debit card verification upon registration, stringent underwriting procedures and assigning markets in keeping with the borrowers’ creditworthiness make YES-secure a safe investment destination. Additionally, YES-secure offers a secure means of social network based lending and borrowing implying lower default rates and higher returns for lenders.

Borrowers: Borrowers can get competitive rates from real people. They simply describe how much they are looking to borrow, over what period, and the maximum interest rate they are willing to pay. Then they can simply sit back and watch people bidding to lend to them. Once they find a rate they like, they can accept it and get the money paid straight into their bank account. More traditional methods of personal loan approval rarely take personal information (such as connections, personality, and general circumstances) into account and are approved or declined based solely on credit history and financial circumstances. YES-secure combine both the important credit background as well as pertinent personal information on each borrower. Continue reading