Loanland update – p2p lending in Sweden

Loanland launched last December as the first p2p lending company in the swedish market (see ‘Loanland launches peer to peer lending in Sweden‘). Since then about 5.7 million SEK (approx. 0.75 million US$) loan volume has been funded .

Ville Vesterinen has published more information about Loanland in the ArcticStartup blog:

The company is currently providing unsecured loans to the Swedish market. The Swedish market for unsecured loans to households amount to around 160 billion SEK (around 16 billion EUR or 20 billion USD) at present and with unsecured loans to SMEs the figure is about 500 billion SEK (around 50 billion EUR or 63 billion USD). The market has grown 15% annually during the last few years.

Loanland is using an open source platform that it has developed, automating most of the processes. The technology is based on Java, J2EE, MySQL, Tomcat, Spring and Hibernate. The platform and auction engine allows individual and automatic bidding, electronic signatures, integrated credit scoring and efficient payments.

The company … has already over 10 000 members and 5 000 registered borrowers and lenders. They have 6 million SEK (600K EUR or 750K USD) deposited out of which 95 percent is lend out as loans. Quite significant number considering that the startup operates currently only in Sweden.

Nexx – P2P lending for Kiwis – gets 600,000 NZ$ in funding

No, not talking about fruits or birds here. develops a p2p lending service in New Zealand. Nexx now succeeded in raising 600,000 NZ$ (approx 330.000 US$). Quite an achievement in the surrounding conditions of the credit crunch.

Nexx, an on-line social lending business being developed by four young entrepreneurs at business growth centre The ICEHOUSE, has raised $600,000 in funding from a group of angel investors including the ICE Angels, Venture Accelerator from Nelson and Sparkbox.

Nexx co-founder Ben Milsom says the funding will pay for development and promotion of the business which is currently awaiting regulatory approval. Milsom and his partners Glenn Riddell, James Wallace and Mark Catley expect to be able to launch their operation in early 2009.

The Nexx team started in 2007 and won the University of Auckland Business School’s Spark Entrepreneurship Challenge in September 2007. The prize was 20,000 NZ$ in seed funding and a nine-month tenancy in the Icehouse business incubator.
Ben Milsom, writes about the pre-launch process of Nexx at the Startup-Blog.

Nexx is developed based on an open-source ERP and accounting package Adempiere.

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For Sale: P2P lending technology

Editor's note: This is a paid story (ad), written by a third party which I have agreed to publish, since I believe it fits the interests of the readership of this blog. I am not involved in the sale.

Company looks to sell all rights to its proprietary P2P lending technology. The company has been quietly in development for the past year, though has now decided to halt launch plans for undisclosed reasons.

The company has developed a complete P2P lending web application that will provide any aspiring P2P company with technology to support rapid deployment in any geographical market. It is based on the popular auction-style bidding format for lenders. The front end is fully branded, and sale can be made to include branding, or packaged as a white-labeled solution.

Terms of sale can be negotiated to include customization, enhancements, and project management / consulting.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire the world's only out-of-the-box P2P lending system allowing the purchaser to enter the red-hot Person-to-Person Lending space.

All enquiries should be directed through the website at:

Technical specifications, terms of sale, and all other questions will gladly be discussed under terms of a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Serious enquiries only, please.