Symbid to Power Herofunding – P2P Equity for Game Developers

Dutch Symbid will power the new platform Herofunding is a new crowd funding platform of Idea Fabrik Plc., creators of the HeroEngine, an integrated platform for online game development and operation. The platform is scheduled to go live in in the beginning of April 2012 and solely concentrates on the video game industry. Interested game developers are already invited to sign up their projects. Once Herofunding is launched the crowd can directly invest in these game projects in exchange for an equity stake in the project. Hint: since Symbid users will also be able to invest, you can already sign up as an investor at Symbid, if you are interested to invest in game projects – then you won’t miss the launch. uses a plug and play, white label crowd funding solution for video games developed by Gambitious.

Investments are possible for as little as 20 Euro. Both the investor and the developer (company) must be located in the EU.

For Sale: P2P lending technology

Editor's note: This is a paid story (ad), written by a third party which I have agreed to publish, since I believe it fits the interests of the readership of this blog. I am not involved in the sale.

Company looks to sell all rights to its proprietary P2P lending technology. The company has been quietly in development for the past year, though has now decided to halt launch plans for undisclosed reasons.

The company has developed a complete P2P lending web application that will provide any aspiring P2P company with technology to support rapid deployment in any geographical market. It is based on the popular auction-style bidding format for lenders. The front end is fully branded, and sale can be made to include branding, or packaged as a white-labeled solution.

Terms of sale can be negotiated to include customization, enhancements, and project management / consulting.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire the world's only out-of-the-box P2P lending system allowing the purchaser to enter the red-hot Person-to-Person Lending space.

All enquiries should be directed through the website at:

Technical specifications, terms of sale, and all other questions will gladly be discussed under terms of a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Serious enquiries only, please.