Reports on Prosper Days 2008

Prosper Days 2008 took place Monday and Tuesday. Judging from the impressions of attending lenders, who blogged about it, it was a well organised event, but for seasoned lenders there were few news announced. No news about the long awaited secondary market. One blogger sees the Bidding via API function as highlight. Further news is that Prosper will start suing borrowers who defaulted on their loans. This could improve results in the collection process, where effiency is low. Explanations of Prosper about which changes were tested in the collection process were appreciated
A good improvement will be Prosper's plan to change payment dates. So far the date a payment is due has been dependent on the initiation date of the loan. Soon payment dates will be matched with borrowers pay day. I am sure this will reduce lates, but I do wonder why such an obvious and easy change was not implemented much earlier. Some of the international sites from inception took into consideration at which time of the month the borrowers are likely to be liquid when setting payment dates.

I hope Prosper will publish videos of the session on their website, like they did with the Prosper Days 2007. 

Prosper Days 2008

The Prosper Days 2008, next week Monday and Tuesday in San Francisco, are the main yearly event by The schedule covers topics like borrower experiences, managing large portfolios, earning a risk adjusted return, collections. You can still register for 55 US$ (includes all sessions and meals).

Several blogs already speculate if and which new features will be announced at the Prosper Days 2008. Traveler wrote a long post on that yesterday.