Incremental data export of prosper data now available

Are you tired of downloading the complete Prosper Data Export of 60 to 100 MB every day, when actually you only want the new data?

At registered users now can download an incremental data export file. This is a xml file that is produced daily and contains only the new data.

This reduces file sizes to only 5 to 10 MB per day. You can download a sample file here (8 MB) – please right click with your mouse on the link and use "save as" to save the file on your computer. scripts reliably run since April 2006 without any major downtimes. Should for any reason a script fail to run on a day, the next produced incremental file will include all data since last run (in this case it would contain data for two days).

Please note that by downloading data you agree to be bound by Prosper's API Terms of Use.
Furthermore please not that data supplied by is provided as is – without any guaranties for correct representation of data. By downloading data from you agree not to make any claims against in the future for whatever reasons (e.g. missing data, wrong data).