New Investment Fund Focussing on Investing in Global P2P Lending

P2P Income Partners‘ is a new investment fund by Symfonie Capital that will invest capital in p2p loans. The founder, Michael Sonenshine, an ex-investment banker, told that he plans the first tranche to be 25 million Euro. He says: “Initially we will invest in loans issued by sites such as Prosper, Lending club, Funding Circle, Zopa, Isepankur and we will add fonds to the mix as we see fit. The P2P market is not only web-based.  There are opportunities to make direct loan across Europe.  The key to success is spreading the risk and doing careful due diligence.”. The fund is open to qualified investors. Minimum investment is stated as 100,000 US$.

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  1. In France, the largest peer-to-peer lending platform is PRET D’UNION (accredited by French Central).
    First loans were issued in December 2011 and in 16 months the platform has issued over €20 million in loans. In March 2013 the company has issued €3.0 million in loans (17 times more than in January 2012).

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