Globefunder opens for borrower’s loan applications

Globefunder is now open for loan request by borrowers (minimum credit score of 640 required). The signup for individual lenders at Globefunder is still "coming soon". 

A Columbus Business First newspaper article gave more details a few days ago: 

Interest rates for borrowers on GlobeFunder range from 8 percent to 20 percent. GlobeFunder makes its money by charging a onetime 1.75 percent fee to borrowers on their loans, and charging lenders 50 to 100 basis points of their investment over the 24- to 60-month loan term, Decio said.

A basis point is one-100th of a percent.

GlobeFunder is responsible for servicing, collecting and, if necessary, selling nonperforming loans to debt collection firms, Decio said. Continue reading

Borrower signature – workaround for Firefox users

Firefox users have been experiencing some useability problems with creating the new wiseclerk borrower signatures with the prosper lender stats.

Here is the workaround:
Step 1: Enter lender name on the signature creation page.
Step 2: Wait for up to a minute. IGNORE the error message Firefox displays.
Step 3: Copy this code into your forum signature:
[URL=] [IMG][/IMG][/URL]
Step 4: Replace screenname with your prosper screen name

You are done. Sorry for the inconvience. Any help by experienced Firefox programmers is appreciated