First repayments on the loans I funded at MyC4

In early September I started funding peer-to-peer microloans to African entrepreneurs on MyC4. Yesterday the first repayments were credited to my account. Siraje Sselugo, a poultry farmer, that wanted to increase the number on chicken paid on time. I had loaned him 20 Euro for a 6 month term at 24% interest. Lydia Lwanga, who sells school stationary and wants to stock more products with the loan, repaid on time. My loan to her was 15 Euro for a 6 month term at 22% interest. All the other repayments were on time, too:

Smava account
(Screenshot of my account balance at MyC4).

MyC4 allows minimum bids of 10 Euro. So far my portfolio contains 37 small bids on funded loans.

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