Kiva Loans Surpass 100,000,000 USD

Congratulations to Kiva. They have tackled another impressive milestone: more then 100 million US$ total loans funded since inception. And the growth curve is pointing straight upwards. 60 million US$ were funded in the last 12 months.

Quoting today’s numbers from Kiva’s statistics page:

Total value of all loans made through Kiva:$100,223,910
Number of Kiva Lenders:585,070
Number of countries represented by Kiva Lenders:185
Number of entrepreneurs that have received a loan through Kiva:249,619
Number of loans that have been funded through Kiva:142,801
Percentage of Kiva loans which have been made to women entrepreneurs:82.72%
Number of Kiva Field Partners (microfinance institutions Kiva partners with):106
Number of countries Kiva Field Partners are located in:49
Current repayment rate (all partners):97.88%
Average loan size (This is the average amount loaned to an individual Kiva Entrepreneur. Some loans – group loans – are divided between a group of borrowers.):$404.87
Average total amount loaned per Kiva Lender (includes reloaned funds):$171.34
Average number of loans per Kiva Lender:4.91

Will Kiva run out of goals now? Definitly not:

But we believe this is only the beginning . . .

Kiva is about dreaming big. The entrepreneurs on the website dream about big business; our Field Partners dream about financially including all of the poor; Kiva Lenders dream about ending poverty.

Kiva was a big dream before the idea of lending to someone on the other side of the world became a reality. Now we have big dreams about making Kiva the world’s hub for alleviating poverty.

This is a quote from a Kiva blogpost from October, which also give the strategic goals for the next 5 years:

  1. Raise 1,000 million US$ in loans over the internet
  2. Reach 2 million entrepreneurs around the world
  3. Realize our own self-sufficiency in the process.

Kiva has my support. Let me know, if I can do anything to win your support for Kiva.

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