Wow! hard to believe Prosper will be 1 year old in a few days. It has been such a great opportunity to both borrowers and lenders to navigate through the first public 365 days.

As the group leader for NuBeginnings I’ve seen the group trends change just about every three months. You had your groups who came in and brought in many borrowers, groups consisting of only friends and groups who focused on niche borrowers.

As for NuBeginnings from May 3,2006 to today we have 309 members. How did I get that many members? Through word of mouth, basically I have lenders who believe and support NuBeginnings. I also ask for referrals from a borrower once they’ve funded.

Loan count from Nubeginnings is 55 with over $450,000.00 in closed loans. Two loans are pending verification and 1 is on a bid down. Bid downs are amazing and a rampant comment I’ve seen on the forums is “How low will it go”

The forums on Prosper have evolved I try to stay away from the RLM, love reading the lenders forum and along the way I have found I miss some of the original posters. They were lenders so were very active. Hope to see them back.

A new forum has popped up and I love the format like wiseclerks site, was built and is monitoered by a prosper member. There are many great minds amongst Prosper members, and I am constanty learning new things. Love it!

Wiseclerks site is full of stats and information for lenders, and now I think it’s great he’s offering this news site.

So while I hope that Prosper members see this I hope we have new visitors because of this site.

I will continue to add new loans for lenders and have my sights on a new dollar goal this year. My leads are starting come in from some feelers I put out, so I’m looking to put up solid loans.