Circlelending now Virgin Money USA

Circlelending, bought by Virgin USA in May, has been renamed Virgin Money USA. According to Netbanker, we can expect the service to offer peer to peer lending like Prosper and Lendingclub in the future and this service might be used as an entry for more financial services. (Another source: NYTimes)

Does Virgin Money Exit P2P Lending in the US?

Virgin Money has been a facilitator of friends and family p2p loans in the US. The last official number on loan volume generated was 390 million US$. Virgin Money had aquired predecessor Circlelending in 2007. In the article Virgin Money Letting US Business Fade Away, P2PLending now lists several signs that Virgin Money might […]

New Online Banking Report on P2P lending

Jim Bruene has published the latest Online Banking Report on 'Person to Person Lending 2.0: Disruptive service or market niche'. The price of a single-user edition is 595 US$. I have not read it. According to the table of contents, the report covers Prosper, Lendingclub, Zopa and Virgin Money.